Thursday, June 15, 2017

Make Art That You Love

I created this piece for the Make Art That Sells course that I am taking run buy the gorgeous Lilla Rogers.
The brief was to create a mixed media abstract piece of wall art. To include; flowers, text and specified colours. After two weeks and about 4 or 5 very very different attempts and approaches, all of which I thought were ok but was not completely happy with...I was getting anxious about it and a little stressed...I really wanted to submit something I was proud then I took a step back, left it for a few days and told myself to 'breathe'.

I created this one in the last two days before the submission date and just got it in by the skin of my teeth. But, most importantly, I was happy with it.

During the process of these different attempts I experienced a mental shift where I started by trying to make what I thought "they" were looking giving up on that and just wanting to make something that I loved and would hang on my own wall, and be proud to have in my portfolio. (This was Lilla's advice too but it took a while for me to be brave enough to put that advice into action.)

As Lilla says "Be you with a vengeance".

The most amazing thing for me was that Lilla loved it too. Which was such a lovely and much needed boost to my creative confidence. I think I am getting to a place where I don't need lots of external acknowledgement for me to love my work and to do the work, as it is the creating and making that is most important than the feedback or sales. But every now and then I do have lulls in confidence...and the love and the sales are so so lovely.

Do you, like me, find that these little jolts of encouragement come just when they are most needed? I hope they do...

Happy creating