Sunday, January 31, 2016

Magical Moon Rocks

Over the summer holidays the boys and I indulged in a little creating of what I have been calling magical moon rocks, using air dry modelling clay. While they are a natural extension of the organic paintings I have been doing I am also super inspired by Louise Zhangs gorgeous work; the boys, well they just loved making lumpy messy little blobs...  
I am adoring these little organic rock like forms and have made some lumpy little magic fellows to hang on the wall. I've decided that they are just too pretty to not wear. While I am loving the trend for chunky gemstone jewellery, the big chunky raw pieces are just wonderful... I do cringe at the possibities of where they have come from... whether they are ethically and sustainably sourced is a concern. 
I have combined my magic rocks with recycled beads and handmade tassels (from thrifted threads) they are a really fun alternative to possibly unethical gem stones.And for me its another reason to play with some pastel paint and sparkles. 

I have always adored tassels too and have just been reading about their history and our use of them, interesting to know that people have been adorning themselves with tassels for protective, spiritual and social reasons for possibly over 30 000 years and have been identified in ancient cave paintings in Australia.