Saturday, November 7, 2015

Allowing and Mess Making

I wanted to share these abstract landscape paintings I am playing with at the moment. They are busy and colourful and crazy. For me very much about allowing myself to make a mess. Allowing myself to play. To let go of the idea of making a pretty picture.

They are loosely following themes of growth and decay and aspiration and connectedness to earth, but really these are background thoughts as i play with paint and colour and mixed mediums.
So I am trying to paint everyday, which means I am painting most days. I am working on developing a style that is my own.

I'm really trying to play with the use of collage. I'm using random pieces found around my studio desk. For now I like the added dimension that they offer... Found elements always seem to creep into my work somewhere. I have also used various media: glitter, nail enamel, dirt, ground volcanic stone, pencil, ink and acrylic paint.

I am also currently working on a series of very cute graphic illustrations which I can show in the coming weeks. I have also been busy creating with textiles to create a reef themed outdoor street installation. So my creative brain has been very busy and a little chaotic lately...lots of ideas and projects on. Ha probably why these paintings are so crazy and busy!?!