Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Paintings under the sea

Sharing some works in progress...Exploring loosely sea-life themes in my painting lately...I guess it makes sense, having lived on Islands on the Great Barrier Reef for most of my life, listening to the sound of waves from my studio everyday and as I drift off to sleep at night. I do not scuba dive and rarely snorkle so I  do not have a close affinity to life under the sea. But it is there always in a dream like, imagined presence. These paintings are merely to suggest the life of the ocean, as I am always dreaming too of being in a little coffee shop in a fictitious city of the world filled with divine cakes and pastries and iced buns looking out to a bustling street of people...It is with unease at times that I live in "paradise". These paintings, to me, are as much about those "cakes in the city" dreams as depicting where I am actually right now.

It is also an excuse for playing with colour and texture and form in paint and mixed media...I am having fun combining dirt and charcoal with nail enamel and glitter and acrylic. And exploring mark making techniques.