Sunday, January 8, 2012

mushroom house

I finally built the house of my dreams... A little toadstool house.
I had been wanting to make one for months now. I wanted it to be big enough and strong enough for the boys and I to play with.

This is how I made it...
I have used an upturned bucket for the stalk, removed the handle and cut the door out with a pair of old scissors. I then glued the cream coloured felt with pva glue.
For the mushroom roof I have used an upturned bamboo bowl that I found at the thrift store. I layered it with PVA to give it a little more strength, then I stretched the felt gently over the bowl and glued that down.
The inside of the bowl is filled with a form of paper mache...just scrunched paper and glue and then I have cut a circle of cardboard to fit just inside the bowl. This is glued down too.
The mushroom top is glued onto the bucket base.
Then I have added the polka dots and details...
All up it only took about an hour or so....and was lots of fun.
I was considering also cutting holes for the windows and making it a two levelled mushroom house by putting in a floor between the top of the door and bottom of the windows....Maybe I will try this with the next one I make :D
Perhaps the boys (at 18months) are a bit little for it as they delight in trying to pull off the polka dots (I guess that could be remedied by stitching instead of glueing). I know I will have lots of fun with it anyway.
I am just yet to make the little gnomes and pixies to live in the house...