Friday, October 28, 2011

Seeing Red

I had the best day last week cruising the thrift stores for frocks to wear on my looming (just a few weeks yay!) big city holiday. I decided my cut off denim shorts that I usually wear to the beach just would not do in the big city...this will be a dress up occasion.
I found this adorable high waist 1970s skirt, which will look gorgeous with my new red clogs that I raved about in my last post.

Is it because I am excited about my holiday or the excitement of Spring that has me loving red at the moment...
if I had an unlimited budget....
I would buy these today...

Red and White candy stripe dress from StickyLipgloss

Love this simple red linen dress from SpunSugarVintage

Cute cotton red graphic floral dress from DesignElements