Monday, May 2, 2011

My naughty little munchkins are 1 tomorrow!!

This is Coco and Bee, a couple of little cuties I have been working on for Stacy of Coco and Bee....

Find their lovely story here

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Lately I've developed an extraordinary love of looking at design for children. Anything. Furniture, clothing, toys, books...
No more grown up fashion magazines for me...the world of kids is so much lovelier than ours, which is probably why I went and had more children once my daughter verged on the edge of teenagerhood. Our household suddenly became very grown up and serious...The last time we did a big clean up and rearrange in her bedroom the Littlest Petshops got put away in the cupboard to be replaced by nailpolish and Justin Beiber magazines...(Oh yet another world of fun :)
The imagining of no more little munchkins' world. No more cubby houses to improvise or sitting on the floor playing in tiny worlds, no more toilet roll crafting; I couldn't bear the thought...So I went and had twins :D
My babes are one tomorrow..Wow oh WoW already!!! ...All that lovely fantastical fun is yet to come....Yay!