Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello lovely readers of my little blog...I have been missing you :)
I have been on a little reluctant break from Computerville as our computer crashed...
I am still waiting to see if it has taken all of my images from the back up hard drive with it! ... all prints of my illustrations will not be available until hopefully I can retrieve them again...

But any way ...while I am waiting for that little part of my life to sort itself out...i have been enjoying a few things around my home that make me happy and working on a few lovely projects...
I thought you might enjoy them too...

*Baby feet: how is it they are so darn cute

*Quick crafty project number one: Pretty stencilled floor using a vintage plastic 'doiley' and spray paint

*Quick crafty project number two: pretty vintage flower light shade

*Vintage fabric covered buttons, vintage wallpaper and vintage plastic flowers

*Two Cute Baby bums!

It's so nice to be back and be able to pop around and see what everyone has been up to.