Saturday, August 15, 2009

Handmade Moment


I wanted to show you a sneek preview of the little animation I am working on for the Etsy Handmade Moment film promo contest. I just decided to enter. I don't really consider myself a 'filmmaker' but I love to animate my little dolls sometimes...The results are low tech and sort of 'bad' but i kinda like that. So I thought I'd try and get some of my girls into the fun movie action. There are some really wonderful entrants already and there is only 2 weeks to go so I imagine there will be heaps more coming in.
I really don't expect to win but I thought it would be fun to get involved.
Why is she in her knickers...well I don't know! Maybe she loves etsy so much she is dancing in her knickers. But then again maybe I will make her a dress for her to wear??
I really like the idea of using lots of etsy artists work in a sort of photo collage animation... I am keen to do one like that soon, but for now I'm a bit pressed for time and still learning and I've put the movie together without too much planning. Sometimes that "jump in and see what happens" technique works...sometimes it doesn't. But it sure is fun!
I'm still putting it together. So I will show you some more soon.
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