Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bike Gallery


Been playing around with some work a little different for me lately. I was given the oppurtunity to display some work in a new gallery which also incorporates bicycles. Cool I thought. I like bikes. But I was a bit hesitant to display my super floral-girly-dolly work. I just didn't think it fit. I wanted to do something more gender neutral, and a little retro, fresh and fun. So I decided to indulge my long standing desire to produce some more abstracty painty pieces and my love of little wood offcuts. I had a ball over the weekend painting these little treasures in retro-esque naturey inspired patterns and shapes and vintage inspired colours. I'm on the hunt now for more little off cuts to paint.
I'd also been making these little critters which I call 'Spuds' inspired by the recent birth of my nephew Sacha (well I didn't really want to give him a girly-girl doll). I make them using different randomly cut organic shapes out of fabric offcuts. Super fun to make as there is no pattern involved and each one turns out different.
This set of work is a little different to what I have been doing lately but I'm super excited about the possibilities of incorporating this little left turn with my girly-girl dolly work and what might come of it.
Today I took them down to the gallery. Combined together with some funky plastic bits of treasure found on the beach I'm really happy with how they look.
It was so nice to have a brick and mortar public space to display my work (where I had control of the exhibit) especially as it is located just down the street from where I live...These pics were taken at home before I took them down to the gallery so am yet to take a pic of them in situ to show you. Coming soon!
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