Friday, July 31, 2009

Saturday Morning Shopping

Saturday morning shopping trip.
Today I'm going with the endearingly quirky. The quirkier the better I say.
First we have this hand embroidered 'Pinup Pup'. He is embroidered onto a guest towel and is so oddly loveable. By NannyscornerShop

And then there is this little girl in a matchbox world by etsy seller the WonkyGiraffe. Everything is so tiny. I love matchboxes-turned-art. Take a look at the listing and other photos of her she is just so cute!

Back to critters in frocks. I do love a critter in a frock. Disrepectful to their kind perhaps but oh so cute when rendered in art.
This little Pug byMiller Cambell Designs is hilariously gorgeous. It's actually a little brooch so you can take her with you wherever you go.

Take a looksie at Charlottes blog Fancy Picnic for more happy shoppers!
Happy Shopping.