Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Girls


I'm loving using these girls on the canvases; creating little patchwork environments for them. I love that I can hang some of my favourite fabrics on the wall to see them all the time :)

I'm making more dolls too knowing that Ruby will want to keep a few. I love that she likes to play with the dolls that I make. She gets very upset if I sell one that she loves so I do try to keep one or two for her from each batch. She has a whole family of them which she loves to play with including a little boy. Ruby is almost 10 and being an only child loves to sit and play for hours with her toys, I adore listening to her twitter away to the dolls playing out little scenarios, which quite often involve the boy doll being the boyfriend or more specifically Harry (Potter) or Merlin or Edward from Twilight (her favourite movie...despite my hesitation about her being too young to watch it!!)

I'm liking the colours of these girls.....I'm very attracted to really warm colours at the moment I guess because it is the middle of winter here. Though quite warm and beautiful...still a little chilly for me :D I know that when summer comes around and the incredible heat it will be difficult to use these hot pinks and oranges but right now I can't get enough of them!
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