Thursday, July 30, 2009

koalas and bikes

Koalas...they are gorgeous! Hard to disagree. Magnetic Island, where I live has one of the largest koala populations in Australia. Lots of them. Introduced from the mainland in the 1930s. They have been here for a while now living happily and harmoniously with the environment. Plenty of eucalypt trees here. I love the koala.
I've always baulked though at including them in my art. Like the kangaroo. Having grown up in a tourist region in Queenland images of koalas are heavily ladden with connotations of kitchy souvenirs.
But i decided to ignore that cultural cringe and embrace their cuteness and created this little drawing for a series of cards which celebrate where I live. For it sure is lovely, where I live. But being an island paradise (true it is!) the imagery is really difficult to produce without coming out all corny and cliche! (For me anyway!) This is an attempt. A little corny, a little cliche, but cute no?
These are specifically created for a friends bike shop which is soon to become a very groovy mixed business incorporating bicycles, beer and art... Can't think of a better combination!
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