Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Just wanted to show a little of what I have been up to....Have been doing lots of drawing. A little painting. Mostly drawing. Designing for a range of cards. I am excited about this... And something else that's been on the list (of must do's) for a long time ...animal friends for the little girls to play with. My daughter Ruby has always been crazy about animals. So I am way over due to produce a series of pieces featuring our fellow earthly creatures....
Like this super cute little critter. (!now this is where the photo is supposed to appear!! Of the echidna that is, the one in the photos above!How to get it to appear here I thought I knew but obviously not!!!aargh)
Don't you just love echidnas! This little fellow, well actually three little fellows were discovered by Ruby after school one day at the parkland near the beach; Alma Bay. Waddling around digging their noses into the ground looking for ants to eat.
We sat for ages and watched this one. Trying to encourage her away from the road just a little too close by. She seemed to be either oblivious of us or not all timid.
So; echidnas of course to be featured in drawings very soon.
...Now i just have to figure out how to get these photos to appear where I want them to!!?! :)
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