Saturday, May 16, 2009

Washing Day


One of my favourite places to be when I was a child was playing within the folds of freshly line dried sheets hanging on in the sunshine and blowing in the breeze. Running and twirling between the folds.
Took a little time out from my still messy studio to play in the sunshine beneath a lovely vintage cotton sheet from the thrift store. Took lots of photos and eventually found myself laying on the ground beneath the clothesline (which is in our front yard), just enjoying looking up to the sky and the way the shadows moved on the sheet blowing in the breeze this stage I heard the ppppllll of the postie bike and I did get a little concerned that he would come in with a parcel (from etsy) for me...
Is that strange behaviour for an adult? Laying on the ground beneath the clothes line...Try it :) next time you go to bring in the washing; play between the layers of sheets or lay down on the ground and look up through the clothes toward the sky...It's fun; true. Hehe I hereby choose to embrace 'childish' behaviour like this.. :D
Oh and speaking of 'childish' behaviour ...I have gorgeous link for you from 'Lullatone' to play around with...just lovely when you need a break or to get into a creative here
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