Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sparkly blue


Just thought i'd share some photos of what else i get up to with my time. Gary is crazy about boats and we live on an island so as you might imagine we spend a bit of our time out on the water. I don't mind that at all especially when the water is calm and sparkly blue like this. The weather is perfect here in queensland at the moment for boating, not too hot but still warm enough to swim. Just divine. We have been making the most of that and going out as much as we can. It really is a dreamy world out there. The combination of the light and the ocean and sky and the beautiful granite sculptural boulders and the textures to be found on the near deserted beaches are just visual heaven for me. Aaaahhhh!!!

So i'm going to carry a little of the light and dreaminess back into my studio today and get some more work done. I've got a few orders for fabric items at the moment ...including a big(for me) wholesale order which is a bit scary and exciting but should be a good challenge and huge learning curve, I'll let you know a little more about that later when I get anyway I really do need to get in and do that studio makeover I've been talking about but ever so cleverly avoiding (hehe painting instead!!)

Hope you all have a beautifully creative day.
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