Saturday, May 23, 2009

My lovely monsters


Having a ball creating little monster characters and blobs, forms like the boulders around the island where I live... I've been playing around with paint, glue, dirt, salt, wax, coffee, felt pens, inks, crayons, charcoal, silver dust, glitter, eyeshadow, did i miss anything...probably; oh and graphite and...anything i can get my hands on to recreate the wonderful textures of the ancient boulders. The watery blob forms are great for this as they become like a little petrie dish where everthing is contained and left to react to each other...lovely to watch and see how they dry. I love the simplicity of them as they really just allow me to enjoy the process and the materials rather than worry about "what shall i paint or how it's going to turn out" I'm working very immediately trying not to think too much just watching how things evolve, letting materials suggest what happens next...such a lovely way to work!!!
The little monsters started appearing after I was wondering about how I might incorporate the figurative drawings I have been doing with the blob forms. Obvious connection now really when i think about my past 3d work with found beach junk and debris...but sometimes it takes a big mental leap in ones little chaotic head to get there creatively!!! :D
So i think i might be letting these little beasties from Blobland take me on a journey for a while! I kinda like them :)
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