Saturday, May 2, 2009

I love Mail


I love internet shopping but the best part is recieving presents in the mail. It seems more like a present than a purchase as the payment process simply involves a few clicks on the mouse; no digging for cash in the bottom of my purse. As well there is the separation between the events of purchasing and recieving, and not forgetting that the items are usually so beautifully or uniquely wrapped and packaged.

In the last few days I have recieved some wonderful 'presents'!! These beautiful little original drawings by one of my favourite etsy artists Lertsis . These are actually little cards with little envelopes too. Oh but I love them so. I am tempted to just pop them into frames. Check out her store, she has some wonderful little cards and papery lovelies, all very quirky and sweet. Her work makes me feel so happy and so sad all at once :)

I also recieved this glorious vintage cushion cover. From etsy vintage seller Loved Again. I adore patchwork, as you can probably tell from my art work, but especially this random style of patchwork that looks as though it was made of scraps of fabric rather than specifically purchased pieces. I'd bet there were some great frocks belonging to this lady made out of some of these fabrics. It was made by a ladies great aunt and given to her as child but was never used. Aaaawwww! I feel it is very special. I love it!
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