Tuesday, May 5, 2009

dancing girls


Continued the messy fun yesterday. After some 'work' (major printer troubles! and a little housework) i rewarded myself with some more messy scrappy play.
Using up bits of scrap cardboard (Oh I love cardboard!!) trying to be oh so Not precious and just mukking around with paint and ink and glue and paper.
It's such a good thing to do for me. I'm telling myself I need to keep doing this almost every day. I considered getting a journal, (maybe some moleskins), for this but I find the book format and the flimsyness of the pages a bit limiting and I do get a bit precious about the book.
And moleskins are not easy to find where I live.
And I've always liked little cards that you can hold in your palm.
And it's recycling:)
And I love the idea of being resourceful and using what is at hand.
And I love that they are not white ish and clean.
And I love the colour of the cardboard.
And I love the rough edges.
With these scraps I can tell myself, i'll just toss it out if it's completely awful, or just keep layering over the top of it.
I try not to think about what is working and what's not...what is 'good' and what's 'bad'. I'm not trying to make 'art''s just 'mukking' around. Being lost in that wonderful creative zone.

The best thing is that in the process I am reminded of things like...
...often the presumed mistakes are the best part's quite often the imperfections that are most touching and appealing
...the importance of just letting things happen rather than judging too quickly
...trusting in the process...
Oh and I wanted to show these lovley petitcoats I found at the thrift store. I think they would fit a little four year old. Imagine how sweet! Ruby is too big but i can't bare to part with them.
You also may notice i've been doing a little housework on my blog too. Do you like it?'s much clearer and I was so over the intensity of the pink :) I just can't figure out how to get my header to fit properly. This swan and elephant one was a quick one I made, I may play around with some more in the next few weeks feel free to let me know if you like one or the other :)
Now I must go...there is more fun to be had; more mess to be made and treasures to be photographed :)
Have a gorgeous day...
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