Friday, May 8, 2009

Crochet coathangers


For so many reasons I love these coathangers.
Well i have been selling frocks at markets for a few years now. I have hung and rearranged and unhung quite a few dresses! and these are absolutely the best way to hang them.
These coathangers never get tangled together.
The dresses do not slip off.
But best of all the colours and textures are a joy to behold!
Those ladies knew how to enjoy colour.
I am so often inspired by the colour schemes of vintage nylon crochet coathangers.
Oh i just love them.
I intend to one day take photos of every single one that I have. I am sure that they could be very a interesting photo subject there?? I am yet to count how many I do have as they are mostly in use... but perhaps 100 ish; and wishing for more!(I have a lot of market stock :)
(Ha if you live in Townsville please don't go to that favourite thrift store of mine where I know I am sure to find lovely bundles like this wrapped in pretty string.) Now that's got me thinking it has been a while since I have been to town to go thrift shopping! Maybe there is a trip coming up later this week. After I have my play room reorganised and tidied perhaps I can find a little room to squeeze in more treasure hehe!!
Oooh I'd better dust off the Granny trolley :)
Have a beautiful weekend.
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Michelle said...

I love crocheted coathangers...
and i'm very lucky to have a few little old ladies who still whip them up and sell them at our local market...i find i always nab a few when i go...

Gina said...

Love the coathangers... sadly I think I sent any I had to the op-shop years ago, in my STUPID phase.

Your gorgeous prints came today, I'm so thrilled, they are perfect! I'll take some pics (if that's ok?) and blog about them in the next week.

Christina Lowry said...

When I was a teenager I didn't appreciate crochet-hangers at all. Now I think they are really beautiful and would even like to try and make some one day! My Aunt still makes the knitted ones with the lace in them! :)