Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I've been having so much fun on the computer in the last few days. Obsessively (to the detriment of my now sore shoulders and my messy house!) making over some older pieces and newer illustrations with my new found "talents"!!Ha!. I can't believe that I've been using this computer program for about 5 years and in the last few days I've just figured out what all those icons on the tool bar mean. Ha I'm such a computer dunce!

I made this one for my Mama for mothers day. I will print it onto canvas and pop it into a frame for her.
She loves kokeshi as much as I do and she loves matroyshka dolls. I've clothed these little girls in my Nanas patchwork again. I did play with using fabric for their hair and elsewhere. But I think I've decided the patchwork is so special that here it is enough.

If you have come over here from flickr a special hello to you. I have not been flickring for, wow, I think the last time it was valentines day. That's about when I started to get head spins and nausea from looking at the computer screen with all those delicious images :D
So I'm feeling much better now and looking forward to getting back into the flickr community again. I just posted this piece over there and I'm going to go and catch up with all my contacts and take a looksie around...Yay! I have missed it :)