Wednesday, February 4, 2009



Oh I am a flitterer!
I flitter from one craft to the next...Now i'm not sure this is a good thing, all this meandering about. Not committing to one craft! Especially when trying to make a business from ones crafting!! Hmmm...But i do commit, sometimes. On a weekly basis. Almost every week i say to myself, this is it. I've found it! I've found the one thing that i love to create above all others. The one thing that I can focus on and create as the basis for my crafting business. And for about a week I actually believe this. Until the other craft gets jealous and starts to peek it's nose in. So last week i was committed to making gorgeously fun frocks and accessories for one to parade about in. That was fun, I made some super cute things...And for that week everything else was secondary, I was in frock heaven...But this week I think it's dolls shoes! Yes I'm in dolly shoe heaven.
Ha! i am so in love with little dolls shoes, maryjanes of course! These that I am making have my heart beating with delight. I cannot stop smiling when i look at them on her little feet. Yes I think this weeks crafty passion will be dolls shoes. Hmm I wonder if there is money to be made in dolls shoes??
Oh maybe I should go back to working in a cafe! :)) (whoops just kidding!)
Truth is I just want to do it all cos I love it all so. I just need to accept that I am a "jill of many crafts"
Basically I adore fabrics, I adore drawing, I adore dolls, anything vintage especially and I adore dressups.... So my artsing and craftsing springs from and flitters around these essentials.
It is all wondrously good fun!
And I'm sure all this flittering is good for the soul if not for business :))
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