Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family Snap Flashback


Hehe I wanted to share this photo I found inside one of my books. That's my Sweet Mamma and her clan in the mid 70s. Along with my beautiful sisters and brother (he's beautiful too!) That's me in the front with my fingers in my mouth (ha yes I was finger sucker!) One of the few photos of us all together.
You can just see the scenario...Quick let's get a photo of the cute baby in the tutu..."and me too" says child number 2..."wait for me" says child number 3..."don't forget me" says child number 4...."Hey well I'm not missing out" says child number 5. Snap!
I love the quality and colours of these old photos and the rounded corners. And the fact that they are square. The colours are quite faded, I like that.
Speaking of old photos I'd like to thank Michelle of The Royal Sisters Blog for her link to a great Polaroid site where you can transform any of your own photos to give them the look of a polaroid. Fun! Can't wait to play with it.
Well it's back to work for me...been playing with the computer too long. I,m enjoying the rain here whilst working in my studio...trying to avoid all of my vintage fabrics from growing mould. But thinking about how lucky we are to be having all this amazing rain, when the bushfires and heat are such a tragedy in Victoria...So many deaths and losses! So sad! I can't imagine how awful it would be...Hope all you guys are OK down there! Wish we could share some of this rain around!
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Thelma-Art said...

Hi, Thank you for sharing your family picture. It's so cool.
I love your art, fun and fresh. :)

Michelle said...

hope the polaroid link helped...i'm totally in love with it...
i just found out from a guy who works at camera house that they are not making polaroid cameras and have now stoped making the film...sad really...

Lana said...

stumbled across your blog in the blogosphere and love it! you artwork and craft is AMAZING!! i just love the girls you paint, they are so gorgeous and sweet. luv n hugz from sydney x

Annette said...

What a darling photo! I just adore seeing old family photographs.
It's been awful watching the wildfire tragedies, it's unimaginable thinking of the families trapped when they were trying to protect and escape.
We're so praying for everyone~
xoxo Annette