Friday, February 6, 2009

Alice and Rabbit


I painted this last week. It's a little darker and more gothic than much of the work I have been creating lately. I think this must be because of the luscious dark rainy cloudy weather we have had for that last 6 weeks. Now I love the sunshine...But truly too much North Queensland sunshine can have its toll on the retinas and the soul. All that bleaching blearing light day after day, it's just too cheery!!!

But really I adore the sleepy dreaminess of cloudy days, I know I would think otherwise if it were any lower than 20 degrees. Cloudy days and comfortable temperature = beautiful. But I'm sure that i would be completely and miserably depressed if it were cloudy and freezing for 6 weeks!!

Anyways...I like my little gothic-esque painting even if Alices Rabbit friend looks a little spooky!!
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