Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In Progress


Wanted to share this piece that I am working on...Still in progress...will post more pics soon as it develops...

One of my wishes for 2009 is to create more 'freestyle' pieces on canvas...Mixed media pieces where I just play around and experiment and see what unfolds.
I love creating this kind of 'work' although it always seems a little indulgent as I guess I have a hard time considering it 'work'. By that i mean that i am not creating a dress or a bag or something that someone is highly likely to purchase and thus justify financially my time spent in creating, especially now that I have decided to use my creative energies to generate my financial income.
But of course I know too that by allowing myself to 'indulge' in this kind of work everything that i create should benefit aesthetically from the process, and well it just helps to keep my sane...we hope! :))

Wishing everyone a happy and creative new year!!
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