Saturday, November 15, 2008

Late Night Fun


Now this is my idea of a fun night! Mermaids; paint everywhere; a glass of wine (or two); Inara George ...(can't get my linky thing to work!) playing...LouD! Sweeeet!!

Creating some new works; mermaid dolls and mixed media pieces, for the new gallery on the Island where I live.
I wanted the pieces to evoke the oceanic dreaminess of the island, exploring ideas of paradise and bliss; but still have the fairytale dolly cuteness that i love. Well I've only just begun, though it opens in a week!!
I am helping to set it up, so my days will be ...morning swims with the current morning very high tides (yum) ...finishing off custom orders, setting up the gallery and late nights painting.
Now that's my idea of bliss!
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