Saturday, November 7, 2015

Allowing and Mess Making

I wanted to share these abstract landscape paintings I am playing with at the moment. They are busy and colourful and crazy. For me very much about allowing myself to make a mess. Allowing myself to play. To let go of the idea of making a pretty picture.

They are loosely following themes of growth and decay and aspiration and connectedness to earth, but really these are background thoughts as i play with paint and colour and mixed mediums.
So I am trying to paint everyday, which means I am painting most days. I am working on developing a style that is my own.

I'm really trying to play with the use of collage. I'm using random pieces found around my studio desk. For now I like the added dimension that they offer... Found elements always seem to creep into my work somewhere. I have also used various media: glitter, nail enamel, dirt, ground volcanic stone, pencil, ink and acrylic paint.

I am also currently working on a series of very cute graphic illustrations which I can show in the coming weeks. I have also been busy creating with textiles to create a reef themed outdoor street installation. So my creative brain has been very busy and a little chaotic lately...lots of ideas and projects on. Ha probably why these paintings are so crazy and busy!?!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Yarn Bomb

Ok I gotta say I never thought I would be so excited about yarn... I created hundreds of pom poms last year for Townsville city councils Christmas in the city yarn bombing explosion, which was so much fun.

So this year I am revisiting this all again with a coral and reef theme to explore...The Townsville city centre is going to look amazing this christmas with an explosion of yarn coral and sea life, created by various local artists and crafters....

The process of creating has been lots of fun so far and luckily the weather is not too sweaty here in North Queensland to have us running a mile from the woolly stuff.....It gets that hot here that it does become difficult to look at such things with affection...but not so here... I am loving it.

I created this gorgeous little piece from yummy shaggy oversized pom poms and giant is all stitched onto a canvas stretched onto an embroidery hoop...I have added an element from my jewellery and paintings...a heavily glittered organic shape cut from canvas... I am really happy with how my fibre wall hanging turned out and look forward to creating more in different colours...
I think this one with its soft happy colours would look divine hanging on a nursery wall.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

In my studio

Shariing some snaps of fun things happening in my studio. It's been very busy in here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Paintings under the sea

Sharing some works in progress...Exploring loosely sea-life themes in my painting lately...I guess it makes sense, having lived on Islands on the Great Barrier Reef for most of my life, listening to the sound of waves from my studio everyday and as I drift off to sleep at night. I do not scuba dive and rarely snorkle so I  do not have a close affinity to life under the sea. But it is there always in a dream like, imagined presence. These paintings are merely to suggest the life of the ocean, as I am always dreaming too of being in a little coffee shop in a fictitious city of the world filled with divine cakes and pastries and iced buns looking out to a bustling street of people...It is with unease at times that I live in "paradise". These paintings, to me, are as much about those "cakes in the city" dreams as depicting where I am actually right now.

It is also an excuse for playing with colour and texture and form in paint and mixed media...I am having fun combining dirt and charcoal with nail enamel and glitter and acrylic. And exploring mark making techniques.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ooh Some Jewellery

Some pretty new things appearing in my studio...

Monday, July 20, 2015

A few weeks gone by...

A few cool wintery weeks or so flown by and some messy fun creative activities being enjoyed... a few pics for you.
And some new necklaces in the shop soon!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Simple Things...
Got really excited about creating some heavily ladden lush pieces then come out with these!
Not what I had planned but I am loving the simplicity of them...each little form is so individually yummy...I have them here on lovely old vintage drawing paper that is around 50 years old ...i am having a lovely time stacking them like little blocks....or beads on a string...noticing how each one relates to the other....Sometimes its just the simple things! ....  :D